What's ImagineWheel?

It is the first application (alloy wheels/rims, stickers, suspensions, and accessories showroom) which allows the customer to visually preview how any alloy wheels/rims, stickers, suspensions and accessories will look on their own vehicle digital photo (bmp or jpg).

Users : 81955

Wheels/Rims models : 818

Wheels/Rims brand : 118

Stickers models : 72

Stickers categories : 8

Accessories : 11

Imaginewheel 3.0 is free.

You can download it by clicking here.

This version requires to have an installation of Internet Explorer and an Internet connection in order to register. This free registration is necessary to visualize the wheels/rims, stickers, and accessories proposed for simulation. The wheels/rims , stickers, and accessories database will be updated regularly.